Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Sitecore Advanced System Reporter (ASR) export error

ASR for Sitecore can be a powerful module to increase the reporting capability users have in Sitecore. I recently found an issue with the export functionality of the module though. You can run and report and export it to csv or excel which is  a great feature, however, there is a requirement that is never called out anywhere. When I first tested this I was logged in as Administrator. The report ran great and I was able to export and download the report in excel format. However, when you login as a normal user (one that is not admin) you get a little different behavior. When you click export you are prompted for your email address. Wait, I was just able to download the file as an admin why does it need my email address now? Well it turns out that a non-admin user cannot just download the report, they have to email the downloaded report. For this reason  you are prompted for an email address. If you provide one and SMTP is not configured you just get an error. If SMTP is configured  you get the downloaded report sent via an email.

Moral of the story? Well, first try not to run very much as an admin, and second get SMTP configured for Sitecore if you want ASR export command to be of any use to anyone but the admin.


Anonymous said...

You can work around this by adding a setting like the below to sitecore settings:

This will then allow any user to download an export file.

Anonymous said...

Previous comment didn't include the example setting:

<setting name="ASR.AllowNonAdminDownloads" value="true">